26 June 2012

Whitney Port and her wardrobe

Whitney Port gets coveteured! The 27-year-old fashion designer shows us around her impressive wardrobe and chats with The Coveteur about her designing inspiration, organizing her closet, cooking and her upcoming jewelry collection called Bits & Bobs.

Whitney Port became famous as one of the main cast members in The Hills and the main star in The City. Now, she is a renowned fashion designer and shows off her impressive wardrobe for The Coveteur.
Before becoming a designer, Port worked at Teen Vogue and was an intern for the Women's Wear Daily and W magazine.

Her wardrobe is great!

The successful women!

Official web site: http://whitneyport.celebuzz.com/ ;D

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  1. Ile butów! A ja mam raptem z 4 pary...

  2. Cudowne kolorki ;) Buty <3