16 September 2012

How not to get bored fitness

Do not strain during exercise, set a goal and do what you like. And you'll find that fitness is fun!

Certainly not once said to myself, "I'll start practicing," and very often these words are ended. You're not the exception. Many girls lack motivation to regular exercise. Every woman wants to have a great body shape.


Here are some ways to overcome laziness training. ;)
Do not wait until you lose weightMany women are ashamed to show in the gym due to its too plump buttocks and a big belly. Remember, the club is not a fashion show, which involved the same long-legged models and muscular macho. Many exercisers who are not satisfied with your figure. A coaches? Probably too once had this problem.
Do not overextend yourselfToo intense workout, such as a daily after 1.5 hours, not quite that nadwyręży your muscles and health, but quickly discourage you to continue exercising. Achieve better results, exercising regularly three times a week.
Treat yourself to a set of fitnessIt is worth a splurge and buy a dress in which you feel good, to the comfortable shoes, roomy backpack or sports bag. Treat yourself to a beautician and Fitness carefully constructed preparations that will be useful to you at the gym, etc. It will be a good motivation. Let lie idle this "ekwipunkowi" at home? Never!

Persuade a colleagueWrite down the time. First, the two always livelier and more interesting. Secondly, when you have the symptoms of the training diversion, your companion will encourage you to go out, and vice versa. In this way you will be doubly motivated.
Set a goalLet it be such as a few pounds less in weight or a few inches narrower waist. It will help you the old way - hang in a prominent place on the mirror or on the refrigerator photo of your best times.
Do what you likeChoose an exercise that you are not torture - on the contrary, make you enjoy. If you do not like the treadmill, will achieve a similar effect, moving the typical aerobic exercise. Exercise difficult, but necessary, let them be just interludes between those you like.
Do progressIf you've been to the gym doszłaś (sukces!), do not waste your time. Practice diligently, focus on new systems, slowly increase the load and degree of difficulty.

Don't give up!

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