31 October 2012


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Halloween- it's good time for dark and crazy nails! Girls- let's do it!

You haven't idea for nail? I give you 3 ideas. If you need more check:


Amazing blog!

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29 October 2012

What's up?

Recently I had a lot of work and I did not have time for my hobbies.  
Sometimes I get lost with itself. :(  I do not like this situation. 
I need to learn about time management. :)

How do you live? Plan every day?  I can not. Weight unexpected events ... how to create a plan?! 
Help me!


28 October 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Yesterday I watched a movie:

"Crazy, Stupid, Love."

  At the beginning I wanted to switch because most of the film has already passed. 
However, I stay and started to watch. I do not regret it!  


The film turned out to be phenomenal! I was not in the mood ... I had a bad day. The film reminded me of a few events in the past... visited a smile on my face. :)

 Lots of laughter, humor ... I encourage you to watch!

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26 October 2012

Supermodels at the gala

Supermodels... Not only showed their charms but also class and style. They looked amazing! More or less. I especially like the creation of Natasha Poly. Daring colors, unusual cut was a success.
Long sleeve dress by Roberto Cavalli. For the chosen silver sandals and makeup emphasizing her eyes tightly. 

Crystal Renn arrived at the gala in berry dress Zac Posen spring 2012 collection. Dress in a similar color or Bar Rafaeli founded.
Jessica Stam in a bright dress Roberto Cavalii superbly presented itself, creation of the well established designer Irina Shayk. Model in timeless black looked great.

Which turned out to be the best styling?

Supermodelki na czerwonym dywanie
Bar Rafaeli

Supermodelki na czerwonym dywanie
Crystal Renn

Supermodelki na czerwonym dywanie
Irina Shayk

Supermodelki na czerwonym dywanie
Jessica Stam

Supermodelki na czerwonym dywanie
Natasha Poly 

14 October 2012

Lana Del Rey

Won the hearts of many people, but who really is?

Certainly an artist. It creates an amazing song in which everyone can find something for everyone.

Lana is sincere, he gives all the songs himself. It is superlative!


Beautiful and talented!

She was on my list of true artists.

Lana reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse. Both create a unique piece, not just art for art's sake.

 Lana Del Rey Beauty


Lana Del Rey has revealed the epic video for her new single 'Ride'. 

The track is the first release from the US star's re-released debut album, Born To Die and is yet another slice of stunning Americana, as Lana joins a gang of Hells Angels and rides through the desert on the back of a motorbike. She is also seen having sex on a pinball machine in the video, which tells the tale of a doomed relationship with a biker.
Lana stars as a tragic singer in the video, which opens with a solemn spoken word intro. The video is a massive ten minutes long - with Lana now attempting to rival Lady Gaga with her video epics.


12 October 2012

Ewelina "Eve" Rydzyńska

A woman with whom not much is known

 Amazing blonde, once a model, now a stylist and fashion designer.  
He participates in numerous television shows such as beauty clinic.

 Always smiling! It is the epitome of beauty!


Lovely pictures:

11 October 2012

5 things to eat for a flat stomach

If a strict diet and exercise do not help in getting flat stomach is "fat" critical places you can try to fool you. Scientists have discovered since, some snacks (I actually hardly call them meals) helps burn fat without harming the health and weight, you can eat more of them, and in addition they are tasty. What are we talking about?

Black berries (forest)


Are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Research at the University of Michigan have shown that rats fed a diet containing blueberries consistently over a period of three months, showed a significant reduction in abdominal fat, decreased the amount of triglycerides and increased insulin sensitivity. This means that the berries may also help in the fight against heart disease and type 2 diabetes

GrapefruitOther studies have found that when obese people eat half a grapefruit or drinking a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice before three main meals, experienced a significant reduction in both body weight and waist circumference. Grapefruits are known for their diuretic properties, and thus help to get rid of the superfluous water from the body. Thus also lower blood pressure.

WalnutsIt is a rich source of omega-3 highly active anti-inflammatory, nourish and regulate the economy ... of stress hormones (eg cortisol). The elevated levels of reprograms the body fat reserves collection mode, just around the abdomen.

Low-fat Greek yogurtDairy products, due to the high content of calcium, regulate the amount of fat stored in the body. They also contain arginine, which is an amino acid that promotes fat loss and muscle building. Of course, fat from dairy products is also stored, so choose low-fat products. And why Greek yogurt? Reportedly reduces cravings for sweets.


Sweet peppersThis ... or most common on store shelves - a source of vitamin C, which also helps to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. In addition, helps to remove from the body is already circulating. Other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C will work just as effectively!

09 October 2012

8 substances that harm the skin

A self-made cosmetics are cheap, healthy and fashionable. Probably many of you have ever attempted by the hand-creation of masks, or other simple cosmetic of what exactly was at hand. In the heat of formation must be remembered that not all substances are healthy and safe for the skin. Present day 8, which are better avoided, both in the DIY cosmetics, as well as those of the store.

Skin deep cleansing agent made from bleach, detergent and bathroom cleaner? This is the worst idea! Their contact with the hands, where the skin is thicker and more resistant can cause allergies, irritation and even chemical burns, so many of them, and in fact all of them should be used with gloves.

Here the schools are different, but more and more people are consciously choosing to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodowolauretowego sulfate (SLES) in cosmetics. Both components may be preferentially weaken the hair, if they are present in the preparations for their care. However, the interaction of parabens (preservatives) in the cleaning agents may cause premature aging of the skin. It is said also at increased risk of cancer.

Isopropanol is a compound that can be found in many antibacterial soaps and shampoos, but also is a component defrosters and antifreeze. Used for a long time reduces the skin's natural ability to defend themselves against microbes and increases its permeability to the other, are not necessarily useful chemicals.
PhthalatesPhthalates can be found in perfumes, deodorants and hair sprays. This is a typical industrial compounds that can cause hormonal imbalance - premature puberty in girls, and boys to lower sperm count.


The term "mineral" is not necessarily synonymous with natural, in particular, that in this case the products of crude oil. Most of his incarnations are petrolatum and paraffin

Many companies are trying to exclude formaldehyde from paint stores, conditioners and nail polish remover, but can also meet him in cosmetics for hair and body wash - in small quantities reduces the growth of microorganisms, and more may be irritating, cause eczema (eg face a touching painted nails) and, in extreme cases, cause cancer.

Acetone is a component of nail polish remover, but these bezacetonowe there may be more harmful. The problem arises, however, when acetone is composed of peeling, cosmetic przeciwtrądzikowego or even new formulation. Small amounts of acetone has a drying effect on the skin, in the larger, particularly inhaled can be toxic, even for future mothers.

 propylene glycol

Compounds of the type of PEG and PPG can be found in almost every type of cosmetic, from shampoo, lotion with a sun, the hair paint finishing. Applied to the production of gas is a known carcinogen, and they themselves can cause allergies, immune function and neurotoxic and also lead to the development of cancer.