28 January 2013

Next interview with Jessica Minh Anh

Jessica Minh Anh, the woman behind J Model Management, has organised fashion shows on London's Tower Bridge, the Petronas Twin Towers' Skybridge and a catwalk 90 metres above the Seine in Paris. Her latest trick was to feature designs from Marchesa, Hong Kong's Lusan Mandongus and the Lebanese designer Aiisha Ramadan, aboard the Costa Atlantica last Thursday as it was moored in Dubai.

How did J Model Management originate?
I opened one month after graduating from the University of Birmingham during the recession. I wanted to produce my own fashion events and make full use of my skills and experience in PR, marketing, IT, finance and event management. It hasn't been simple but I believe in taking risks and going beyond the imagination. I stayed focused by implementing exceptional ideas in unique locations with an exclusive guest list.

Why did you choose Dubai as a new venue?
Dubai has always intrigued me. It is not only one of the most desirable leisure and business destinations but also a potential place for fashion development. Dubai is attracting both well-established designers and emerging talent so it is definitely the place to be.

How long did it take to pull this project together?
One of J Model Management's competitive advantages is our speed of productions. I organise four shows per year in four countries and that means we have maximum of three months to prepare for each one. The J Winter Fashion Show on Costa Atlantica took exactly two months.

How many people are involved and what are their roles in putting together a production like this?
We handle the entire event - from logistics, model casting and fittings, designing, backstage and styling to PR and guest list. We usually choose our partners very carefully to ensure a high quality event that benefits all parties involved. And I think we did it right.

What have been some of the barriers you have had to work around on this project?
Time constraint has always been our biggest challenge as we have to move things very quickly to ensure we make it on time. As this is our first outdoor event, planning and the logistics were also a lot harder than what we expected, but careful measures were implemented so everything ran smoothly. We worked closely with Costa Cruises and Fonoon Production from the start.

What would be your dream location?
I would like to actually build a brand new venue for each of my seasonal showcases in various countries in the future. I will then have the freedom to express my vision through these developments. Working with the best architects in the world is definitely my dream.

What next for the company?
I will continue looking for the most extraordinary venues worldwide to host my iconic showcases. I am looking at Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Istanbul, Singapore and New York. Finding new ways to express fashion is what I live for.
 Interview from http://www.thenational.ae/

27 January 2013

Interview with Jessica Minh Anh

An Interview With Jessica Minh Anh

We managed to catch hold of the ever- so- busy Jessica ahead of the amazing event she is organising in Dubai this week- we spoke to her about life, determination and the fire to succeed!

In all your pictures you exude confidence and positivity. Even in your modeling shots you sparkle. How do you achieve this in your daily life? Do you have a recipe for happiness?
I believe happiness is a choice, and the way you look at things really makes a difference. I would like to think that I always see the positive side of any situation or individual, so it makes me feel complete. When you are happy and collective, you are confident and it really shows.

You are a trendsetter in many ways, from your hair to your shows. How do your ideas come to you?
As you can see from all my shows, I love to discover new ways of expressing style and fashion. There is no point for me to do something that has been done before or repeat myself. I easily get inspired by special objects, interesting events I attend, or listinging to a beautiful song. The idea of creating producing a brand new concept to impress the world keeps me alive.

ExpatWoman loves your iconic up do's, recently you tweeted a picture of yourself at the gym sporting a great hairstyle. How do you get your hair to look so glossy and who styles your hair?
I am quite lucky to have strong and straight hair which requires minimum work on. Up do's are my favourite as I feel very much in control having my hair tied up. I’ve been working with the best hair stylists in London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, and now Dubai who dare to take styling and creativity to the next level. For the past few interviews and shoots in Dubai, I have worked with Pastels Salon and their multi- nationality stylists are some of the most innovative people I’ve seen.

 Last year you were named a fashion global mover and shaker, how do you manage to stay ahead of the game in the cut throat world of fashion?
I think not only in fashion but any industry, you need to be a head of the game. Combining your passion with your strength and skill set to me is always the right move. I think people follow my shows around the world as they are evolving and completely different from what standard fashion shows are like. Besides the usage of the most extraordinary venues and fresh new concepts, the speed of my productions is another thing that’s quite hard to compete with. I organize 3 to 4 shows per year in different continents, which makes it about 3 months of preparation per show. The secret: a lot of hard work and 100% commitment.

The internship program at J Model Management seems to be a great start up for many students, tell us more about how you select the interns.
My principle is that I only train fighters. I want to see their burning passion and desire to be a part of something special, and they need to be proactive and fully dedicated. If they get through the interview round, they will learn all about PR and event management while working towards history making showcases. One tip is that you need a customized cover letter to the company you would like to work for and find out as much info as you can before your interview. I was very impressed with many candidates who not only told me the key points of J Model Management but also all the dates and names. Not everyone can be a potential event organizer, but those who I selected are definitely some of the best. I have no doubt they will have a bright future.

You have been in the industry for over a decade as a model and entrepreneur and from the outside it seems as though everything was easily achieved. How hard was it really and what advice would you give to future fashionistas?
Many people have asked me this question as it does look as if the road was filled with red roses. Not many actually know how much hard work and dedication was put into each show to make it a big success. I literarily eat and sleep the shows. Of course, things can always go wrong at any part of the preparation and implementation, but the way you deal with it makes it a challenge or a problem. I take every difficulty as a challenge to overcome and I actually get excited to be able solve issues quickly. It is important to know not only your strength but also your weaknesses so you can improve yourself by learning new skills and learning from experienced people. I spent years specializing in IT, PR, and Marketing before I am confident at using those skills in my projects. Knowledge and experience always keep you ahead of the game.

You seem to have the fashion world completely awed with you, from that iconic first show on the London Tower Bridge, the PETRONAS Twin Towers and the Floating Runway on the River Seine to the Costa Atlantica Cruise liner in Dubai. What’s next??
I ask myself that very question every day actually. It is tough sometimes to top a show which you believed was already the best. But then again there are still so many things to discover and I am planning to keep going and be inspired by beautiful places and people. All I can say for now is that, the next show will always be better, and I’ll always find a way to surprise you.

What kind of preparation goes into a show like this? How do you cope with stress on the day and still manage to look fabulous and mingle with all the guests? We’d be in a right frazzle.

As J Model Management handles the entire production from logistics, models, backstage, styling, guest list, and PR, there are a lot to do in a short period of time. Managing people reasonably is the key in such an event with many parties involved. Since I’ve been organizing events all my life, this is not new to me. But it does get stressful nearer to the show. I personally try not to skip the gym and stay close to my best team members. Also, I am very appreciative of all the guests coming and supporting the show so a smile is just a natural thing.

London, New York, Milan and Paris are the “big four” in fashion however cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo are on the rise in the International rankings. You are bringing Asian fashion and it’s designers to the forefront. What are your predictions on the rise of the Asian fashion market?
I don’t think it is a prediction anymore as many Asian major fashion houses as well as emerging designers are now high recognized for their work. I will take Shiatzy Chen as an example and I think they are one of the best with a perfect combination of Asian traditional style and colouring and Western contemporary looks. I usually don’t look at the origin when selecting a designer. Their style, materials, and cuts are the elements that will attract me. As shoppers are making smart choices, we will soon know which market will be leading.

What are your thoughts on the eclectic fashion of Dubai and would you return here for a holiday?
Dubai is such futuristic city and everything is widely available here. I am currently enjoying my stay at Dusit Thani Dubai, shopping at the world’s biggest Dubai Mall, and gym sessions at Aqudra Sports Management. There are many places for girls to indulge and beautify themselves, such as Cocoona or Pastels Salon. I would definitely come back to Dubai for a holiday. 


Interview from  http://www.expatwoman.com/

26 January 2013


With a little delay I created a post about the show in Dubai.
Once again I have the pleasure of publishing first-hand information. Through collaboration with J Model Management I can introduce you a lot of  information and photos :)


Famously known for turning England’s iconic London Tower Bridge and the world’s highest PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge into a phenomenal catwalk, entrepreneur and model Jessica Minh Anh made history again on 17 January 2013 with the first ever fashion show on the sundeck of an international cruise ship. The highly anticipated J Winter Fashion Show, which took place on the luxurious Costa Atlantica, showcased an exquisite combination of haute couture, bridal, swimwear, and high end ready wear collections from the UAE, Portugal, Lebanon, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Greece, and Vietnam. With the grand catwalk staged on the 70 metre sundeck overlooking Dubai’s skyline, the event redefined modern fashion show standards.

Opening the show in a breath-taking Oscar De La Renta long trail wedding dress, Jessica Minh Anh appeared as a stunning representative of the multitalented new generation who makes their fairy tale a reality. She was followed by other fashion models in elegant and romantic designs from world’ famous brand Marchesa, Hong Kong power house Lusan Mandongus, Greek talent Christos, and Lebanese celebrity designer Aiisha Ramadan, which can be found at high end Frost Boutique.

In contrary with the angelic looks of modern brides, the second collection by Russian award winning designer Polina Raudson, conveyed strong emotion and harmony with all-black retro dresses. Using an unusual combination of natural fabrics such as silk, chiffon, cotton, and denim, and materials such as plastic, glass, and metal, Polina’s collection strengthened the concept of future and space.

Perfectly suited for the lengthy sundeck, the next collection from global swimwear leader Gottex made a bold fashion statement by incorporating colours, shapes, prints and details into two opposing extremes. The daring side presented strong colours such as cadmium reds, royal blue, torques, purples, and canary yellow, while the more feminine side used softer hues and prints, twisted and drapery shapes, Swarovski stones, and graphite jewels woven through fine lycra. The swimsuits were accompanied by colourful, crystal studded, and ultra-light anti-flat flip-flops from UAE’s very own footwear brand FLOPEDS, which married fashion and comfort together.

Adding sophistication to the grand catwalk, Jessica Minh Anh’s next collection of choice was the dreamy bridal series from Portuguese famous designers Joana Montez and Patrícia de Melo. Using light fabrics such as tulle, muslin and silk organza in the form of overlays, transparencies and frills, the 15 dresses moved away from traditional styles to show more distinguished cuts.

Talking about the second last collection by House of Art Slouchy’Z, Jessica said “I wanted to show the unique taste of a modern Middle East, which is a lot more colourful and refreshing. Slouchy’Z has definitely transformed traditional abayas into stylish loose-fitting pieces with a special mixture of color, flow of textile and delicacy of cuts”.

Closing the show with elegance and class, Vietnamese celebrity designer Hoang Hai brought couture to the next level with richly embellished floor-length pieces. The finale ivory lace dress worn by Jessica, which was a design masterpiece, used gemstones, layered lace, and delicate floral elements to accentuate timeless beauty.

The show was followed by a VIP Networking Party at the famous café Florian on board, where fine Italian drinks and canapés were served. Exclusive guests, such as countries’ ambassadors, luxury brand managers, retail group directors, and famous international designers, experienced world class hospitality from J Model Management and Costa Cruises while enjoying the delightful company of Jessica Minh Anh herself. The show was covered by CNN, CNBC, Forbes Middle East, The National, Dubai TV, Sama TV, Rotana TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Fashion One TV, and OK! Middle East among many others. Official partners included Costa Cruises, Sephora Middle East, Damas Jewellery, Al Qudra Sports Management, Fonoon, Pastels Salon, Dusit Thani Dubai, Marine Biz TV, Cocoona, Asiatic Printing Press, Cosmopolitan Hotel, OK! Middle East, Eve Arabia, and M Print House.

With this addition to her excellent track record of continuous history making showcases worldwide, Jessica Minh Anh has become one of the most desirable fashion show organisers of the new generation. She is set to expand her seasonal catwalks this year to other major cities including Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, and New York. 

I have more photos... I use them in next post ;) I hope you will waiting for more :D