04 March 2013

Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013
Prestigious fashion brand Saint Laurent is preparing to unveil its latest lineup at the fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week, so find out more details about the brand and its collections!

Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week is going to gather a massive crowd at the Paris Fashion Week as the elegance and chicness displayed by the fashion house each season is always met with applause and with Heidi Slimane at his second attempt to wow the crowd with his designs created for the recently rechristened Saint Laurent label, excitement is running high!

Last season's Saint Laurent collection managed to sweep fashion enthusiasts off their feet with an impressive display of dark and evil witch meets bohemian-grunge-glamor ensembles!
 This distinct yet feminine vision of style was flawlessly transposed into reality and each design that made it down the podium at Grand Palais in Paris this spring made jaws drop! 
So, could this sort of gothic sort of elegant style brought by Slimane to the catwalk in spring make its way to Saint Laurent's fall 2013 collection? Well, answering this question is quite impossible as so far no details have been made public about the turn the designer will take with the brand's new lineup, so we'll just have to wait and see!

Until the unveiling of the latest designs a quick glimpse at past collections seem like a good idea as only refreshing our memory with the brand's previous work could get us to determine whether the shift of style is a welcomed or a not so fortunate choice. Our suggestions: Yves Saint Laurent spring 2012 collection and while you're at it take a quick glimpse at the brand's past accessory designs featured in Yves Saint Laurent fall 2012-2013 handbag collection to view the brand's impeccable approach to style.

Now, if you're wondering the surprises the Saint Laurent fall 2013 collection to be unveiled at Paris Fashion Week will bring, be sure to check back and read the updates on the collection that will welcome its guest to the show's debut on Monday, March 4th at 8PM.

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