13 March 2013

Tonique Fitness

Have you heard that term ever? I have to admit that today I heard it the first time and I thought it to be interesting. That's why I decided to write something about it.

Slim, muscular silhouette? Is this possible? Perhaps, but there are many problems such as lack of time, money, motivation, and strength.

At this point enters Sylwia Wiesenberg. With the Pole living in New York practicing young mothers who want to regain pre-pregnancy figure and busy businesswoman with Wall Street. Her method - Tonique gives them the body you've always dreamed of!

After the success in the United Sylvia is committed to the next challenge, and want to appear in Poland. A few weeks before the release of the first DVD in Polish, reveals how she started her adventure with Tonique, why not reveal what the stars training and at the point where the body is obsessed.


"I've dreamed about going to do in life, what makes me happy. Finally I can say that through hard work became a part of life for many women and helping them    to fulfill their dreams. My journey associated with Tonique started a long time ago and it will last forever . "

Sylwia Wiesenberg of words breaks piety and sense of mission. This boasting or self-confidence? Neither the one nor the other. Sylwia fact can and should speak out about their success. Created its approach Tonique beats records of popularity!

She has performed in the Windy City Live ABC and regularly appears in the New York Minute Fit CBS, where energy with a smile and encouraged to exercise. Not to mention the publications in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Self. He has 7 dvd with exercises - Tonique Born To Move, Energy Mat, Tonique Sculpt Dynamics, Tonique Premier, Tonique Cardiomat, Tonique 2 and Tonique Mat.

The last of them was selected by Fitness Magazine called "The Best Lower Body Transformer" in the Top Ten Workout DVDs 2012. Is planning a book, own TV and DVD edition in Polish.

Sylvia proudly talks about his mission, but just modestly admits that it is always just wanted to help others. It gives them a new body and a new lifestyle. Who is this amazing girl?

Wake up in the morning, obligatory glass of water with lemon. Then prepare lunches for their children and taken home to school. Then running fitness classes, or 120 minutes of intense exercise, a shower and a few hours at the computer - send and receive e-mails, contacts with the media, edit videos with exercises, business meetings, sending the ordered dvd. In the afternoon, time for children. And when they go to sleep, it starts to Sylwia third of the day - to work on the website, dvd covers projects, planning new exercises.

"Do you even sleep? Yeah, but not enough! Tonique it as a" one man show "is for me, not a job, but the mission of my life. I love what I do and why I'm so good at this!"

 Although the schedule is tight, only Sylwia feel alive. Moreover, from an early age could not stand routine. She spent her childhood between Warsaw and Budapest. It was interested in artistic gymnastics, dancing and running, but still chose a more practical career. She studied in Australia, America and Italy. She worked in London at the investment bank and brokerage firm. After moving to New York decided to quit this prestigious job and take care of what interested her for a long time. Impulse was undoubtedly the opinions of young mothers who complained about his body. Sarah happened to be pregnant and have heard warnings that postpartum body never returned to form. Would not be himself if she did not want to show them how wrong they are.


"I decided that I would look better after having children than pregnancies. Yeah Tonique was. Young we have coming up and asking me what I'm on a diet, so I look good. My answer? Training, this is what I created for them first, free classes in own home. since this all started ... "

10 steps to a strong and sexy silhouette by Sylwia Wiesenberg:

First Just start to move
Actually, it does not matter what you start doing. This could be jogging, which I enjoy, once a week, choose the stairs instead of the elevator in the office or a walk with the dog. - Do not be rough for themselves and stop saying that it's great. Any, even the little thing matters! - Says Sylvia.

Second Remember that exercise is fun
At the beginning there are definitely tiring, often difficult to do, but you should give pleasure. Such an assumption is Tonique. It is a combination of dance and gymnastics, running and skiing inspired. This is an intense total-body workout, but with funny elements that turn it into a game. In addition to the difficult beginnings rewards satisfaction with well-constructed exercises, and of a beautiful body!
3rd Find your strong point
According to Sylvia are the buttocks and legs. Therefore, squats and step out to the main part of Tonique. - At the beginning we focus on exercises ass and legs. Thanks to fortify the middle part of the body, which is responsible for a simple attitude. Thanks to these parties will be stronger muscles, faster and you can do the exercises more effectively. Each time you exercise, you'll be able to raise the buttocks up higher - Sylvia laughs.
4th Train no excuses
You do not need to exercise special equipment. Training is also effective if you practice at home with a dvd. Then you need only exercise mats. Sylwia highly praised the exercise, so that the load is the weight of your own body. Then your silhouette is sporty but still feminine! It is important you during training was focused, and your movements are accurate, very fast. Sylvia uses several exercises in a variety of modifications - it is for example 30 different squats (basic with kick or increments) and 30 different wykroków, combined in combinations.
5th Full dedication
If you want to shed a few pounds, sculpt your arms and get rid of the bacon, get involved in training. Actually, it's not just training, but to change the way of life. Modify your diet, limit processed and fast foods, and you will quickly see the results. - Every day, even weekends are filled with my passion! When I run and I exercise on the Hudson River and Central Park, and people come up to me and ask what I'm doing, that I'm so fast, strong and muscular. In this way I know what that's all!
6th Back to pre-pregnancy figure
When you begin to practice before returning from maternity leave, start with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (such as riding a stationary bike, jumping jacks or jumping rope) and join them 3 sets of weight training (step out, sit-ups, push-ups). Do not forget to warm up before exercise and stretching after them.
7th Time for yourself
Training should associate with relaxation. This is to be "me time", or the time for you, when you focus on yourself, your own body and not think about any obligations, just a good performance practice.
8th Find your passion

- My goal is to show people how they can change their lifestyle. It's not just to buy my dvd and practicing Tonique. I want to move became their passion and also found other activities - running, climbing wall and cycle races. When we experience the satisfaction of training and your body starts to change, you will never go back to the state where you were before - encourages Sylvia.

9th Eat everything but in moderation

In addition to training is very important diet. Sylvia avoided the word, will say the diet. - Food should not be our enemy. It's not about you refused the pasta, chocolate and ice cream! Eat them once in a while, but in small quantities. Every day try to in your menu included whole-grain products, cereals, quinoa, green vegetables, lean meats and fish. They will make you feel better and you'll have more energy - he explains.
10th Bet on the natural

Do not look at photos of models and actresses in the newspapers. They are slimline and smooth, just how are you growing frustration that you have such a perfect body. Exercise and Eat healthy and you will look better than they are, because of course! - Do not give up and beautification surgery, because it would destroy my image. I want my body to prove that Tonique work - says Sylvia.

and added - if you feel great in your body, it will give you a great feel for life. You'll fit, companies and confident - that is the goal of Tonique and Sylivia.

More informations:  http://toniquefitness.com/

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