29 September 2013

The way you smile

 Smile! In good and bad times. In real life and on holidays. Each face should be smiling. Do not be ashamed! Positive energy for each of you!!! <3

23 September 2013

so lovely

Today I have a bad day so the best way to change it it's FASHION!

Do you like it?

21 September 2013

after birthday

Thank you everyone for every minute of happiness yesterday!
So much laughter, kind words and memories! Thank you for the wishes face-to-face, on fecebook, on priv, sms and calls! also thank you for your gifts! It will be something to remember for years ;)

 Thank you!!!<3


15 September 2013

seeking solace

Today I don't feel good. Once again I have inflammation of the skin (of the face) ... by allergies. Until my eyelids swell. pills don't work. skin hurts ... Massacre!

After all, I am looking for comfort and solace. What can be a better  than fashion! Nothing else matters! Browsing blogs and photos ... I catch a pencil and paper. I feel the tide of inspiration!


07 September 2013

as long as you love me

Hey hi hello!

Recently, I have a lot of responsibilities. 

Fortunately, there are things and people for which I am willing to dedicate everything!

I didn't think that go on vacation can change so much...
When I leaving airport I dreamed about "something" ,  something that will change me forever ... the dream come true, but I noticed it very late! Fortunately it wasn't too late! 2761 km separate us, but it is not important! My love overcome any distance! <3

03 September 2013