21 October 2013

The future is now and not tomorrow!

I was afraid ... I stand on the precipice! In my mind there are more questions than answers ... Fortunately intervene in time! I put the plan again :)

I removed all the posts directly related to my person. Starting again ... and it's not just about blogging. It turns out that sometimes it is useful to take a chance, go for your dreams ... always told others "follow her heart" but I was scared to do the same. Now I am going! I'm going in pursuit of what I love!

I slowly clear my life ;) Finally I see the light at the tunnel  :D

Now I'm waiting to hear from my beloved. Because love is not planning, but once you have it you have to take it into account. ;)

The future is now and not tomorrow!

I'm going ahead! Undertake the challenge! Keep your fingers crossed!

1 comment:

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