24 November 2013

be a STAR

What can makes sb is a star? Is it difficult?
In this world... no! especially if u have access to the internet.
Everyone can be a star. The way to do it can be different, sometimes really easy. Sometimes it is good just be in good place and right time ;)

but what can makes sb as a real star? I mean the person which is knows everywhere... is authority for others people. Is not a star for one season. Are clever and attractive?It is posible? What is more important for us: personality or appearance?

Many times we can see that the best show make people who are beautiful... but can we sey that they are real star? Is it important just appearance? I think... no.
They just shining for a second!
But if we sum up personality and apperiance we can get a extra oryginally star!
Be a star it's a really hard business. If our business is better... then we can get more money!

And now... is it money important? Is it true that we can't buy everything?
maybe we can't buy happiness. but everything what we can buy can make us happy. :P
Do you agree with me?

So much questions... short time... different answers...

how can we life in such strange world?

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