02 November 2013

don't be anonymous!

sometimes it's so hard to be a queen! sometimes we don't want be sexy...

but i love the moment when everyone look at me
admire me.. my body... my style! I love it!
And i'm sure that you too!

How feel sexy? Is it hard to do?
NO!!! of course that no! it's easy!

what can make u sexy?

shoes! (not always really high)
make up! (maybe just lipstick)
but the most important: SMILE! It's always sexy!

whatever you do... whoever you are... YOU MUST BE THE BEST OF YOU! SEXY, CLEVER, YOUNG AND LIFE FOREVER!

don't be in the world alone! don't be anonymous!
i'm sure that you are really interesting person and everyone should know you!
so... come on! Let's say what's your name? ;)

be happy and don't feel shame!

love you all <3

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