14 November 2013

live your life

15 things you should get rid of life ....

1 Unsubscribe from the need to be right !

Please note that due to the need to have evidence of low self-esteem and the desire to dominate others. Evidence of weakness.

2 Unsubscribe from the desire to control !

If you control, it's because you're scared, and consequently don't trust, neither myself nor anyone. How would you live with someone you don't trust ?

3 Unsubscribe from blaming people!

Stop blaming people for what you feel for what you have or don't have.
Take responsibility for your emotions and your life!

4 Unsubscribe from giving attention destructive internal dialogues !

Stop entrust destructive internal dialogues.
The more you discuss the internal dialogue, and give them to absorb, the more time you lose in your life. Your mind is a tool. Before you speak you, whether you are an instrument of the mind?

5 Unsubscribe from negative beliefs !

Remember that your negative beliefs limit you in every aspect of life .
Beliefs create your reality. Ensure that would be good!

6 Unsubscribe from complaining !

You complain of your choice . The world will change for the better of complaints .
Complaining is digging holes in them!

7 Unsubscribe from excessive criticism !

The more you criticize people, events, places, yourself, the harder it is to us to see the positive aspects of life. Remember that criticism should be constructive felt bringing knowledge, learning and experience, and not more negativ!

8 Unsubscribe from the need to impress others!

The only person that I have to impress is myself ! If you want to impress others, addictive with their opinion.

9 Unsubscribe from resistance to change !

Change is the only certainty in our lives !

10th Unsubscribe from labeling people and events!

Giving label you fall into the trap of stereotypes rather than construct their own opinion based on experience . Keep an open mind!

11th Unsubscribe from irrational fears!

92 % fear is irrational . All you have to ask yourself, " Is this thought is true? " To begin with let free.

12th I give up with excuses!

Anyone looking for excuses will find it , period!

13th Unsubscribe from the past!

She has been, and will not be back . All that has happened is alive only in your head ! Wake up!

14th Unsubscribe from excessive attachment!

We are often unhappy despite all the goodness and love that we have people around. Why? Because we are afraid to lose . Enjoy what it is!
Agree to the fact that it can go. Time and so is changing our world and can not escape it . Giving consent to the fact that you may not have that what you care about, give yourself peace of mind!

15th Unsubscribe from meeting other people's expectations!

If you still satisfy the expectations of other people, you will not have time to live your life!

Our time is limited !
Finally live your life!


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