03 November 2014


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Model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh officially transformed the symbol of the fashion capital, the Eiffel Tower, into the world’s newest catwalk on 31 October 2014. J Autumn Fashion Show marked Jessica’s 8th history making showcase around the globe and promoted the rise of a new generation of creative leaders. The innovative show producer presented a two-tiered outdoor catwalk, which spanned over 150 metres across the first floor of the symbolic tower. The panoramic views of Trocadero, Champs de Mars, and over 100 exquisite designs from Europe, Asia, and America were strategically captured for live audiences worldwide.

“It was definitely a historic moment. Another flawless presentation by Miss Anh”-said Alan Williams.
J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 combined art, culture, architecture, and fashion. Participating brands embrace tradition, yet experiment various techniques of modern designs.
Bahraini powerhouse Dar Naseem AlAndalos opened J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 with a French fusion collection. It wasn't just a show. It was story of luxurious Parisian women through their fifteen elegant long tailed dresses! The show continued with another representative from the Middle East, Saudi Arabian brand OM Fiore, who blended Arab embroidery threads into European fabrics. The artistic touch by designer Omaymah Azzouz. The brand successfully premiered a modern Abaya collection, which mixed warm summery colours with darker tones of autumn and winter.
Next in line was Indian talent Shilpa Reddy, who brought edge to the grand catwalk with bold colours, well-formed structure, and distinctive cuts.
Going back to classic, Danish brand Soul Made Faroe Islands presented an authentic knitwear collection inspired by Nordic heritage. Debaj from Qatar further beautified the catwalk with Parisian floral art embroidered on finest organza and chic velvet.
All the way from Canada, Sho Sho Esquiro added Native American vibe to the catwalk with interesting elements such as gold beading, abalone, seal, carp, and beaver tail.
 The surprise of Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk was the 17-year-old American talent Kate Walz, whose fabric manipulation techniques sealed her place in the show. Kate’s collection focused on handcrafted sculpture, draping, and whimsical detailing, which were highlighted when the gowns were in motion.
“Kate represents the daring new generation who choose to experiment” said Jessica Minh Anh

Haute couture designer Hoang Hai closed the show with class and extravagance. Pushing the creative envelope, the Vietnamese talent presented a smooth transition from cloud-like elegant dresses with lace, chiffon, and floral motif, to floor length hand beaded gowns with transparency and architectural elements.
The final masterpiece, which embodies femininity and radiates modern beauty, was designed with Jessica Minh Anh as the inspiration.
The red carpet event welcomed country ambassadors, luxury buyers, global 2000 company directors, international fashion designers, and the press. Guests were treated with freshly made Italian breakfast by Pozzetto before taking their seats at Dyson-heated VIP area. The show was also supported by Before Beauty Bar, Acanthe-Sol, Lyric Hotel, and Unexpected from Paris as well as Fridja, Intricate Creations, and Elite Marking in London.
“I see a strong connection between fashion and the best of locations. The most exquisite designs should be displayed at architectural masterpieces” “Eiffel Tower represents an artist’s dreams, and inspires their many creations. I wanted to make those dreams attainable”.
She definitely did! At the incredible speed of three-month preparation per show, Jessica Minh Anh is set to continue to reach new heights and claim the sky. Prior to hosting the world’s highest fashion show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and America’s most iconic catwalk atop One World Trade Center, Jessica Minh Anh produced fashion phenomena’s on London’s Tower Bridge, PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge, Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway, and Costa Atlantica’s sundeck among others.
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